This association provides continuing education, publications, and other valuable information. Linux Foundation Training Dedicated to spreading quality technology education across the globe, the Linux Foundation offers certification programs and courses. The DBA duties will be delegated to someone else who will take direction from me.

what is sql dba

Transaction Log Backup – explain the transaction log backup and how to back up and restore a database from transaction log backups. Backup types – introduce to you three backup types including full backup, differential backup, and transaction log backup. I have an Oracle database background with a general knowledge of MS SQL. The hands-on training really helped me have a better understanding for Microsoft SQL Servers. This training is very interactive and has lots of lab practical exercises. Lab work also includes installing SQL Server 2019 software and upgrading databases from SQL Server 2016 to SQL Server 2019 version.

SQL Server DBA Requirements & Skills

Regardless of the team, DBAs usually interact with all other IT teams and often with the business as well. DBA enhances query processing by improving speed, performance, and accuracy. Data integrity needs to be checked and managed accurately as it protects and restricts data from unauthorized use. DBA eyes on relationships within data to maintain data integrity. Discover programs you’re interested in and take charge of your education. It is my belief that a lion’s share of the upcoming job opportunities will be made available to individuals who are proficient in these areas due to the ever-increasing demand for data analytics.

what is sql dba

This is a very detail-oriented database administration course which has 450 pages of lab practical exercises for each student. Srini, the teacher is well vest and to date on what he does, he has the passion to make students become excellent and confident by the way he teaches. I intend to take up other programs from DBA Uni to enhance my scope and enrich my path.I recommend you to take just one program and i assure you will testify too. Applying the useful scenario and key areas along with practical work lab, which is the best way to consolidate knowledge learned from each training session. I´m very happy and satisfied to have followed all the classes along a best talented teacher like Srini, and can ensure I will continue to study in DBAUniversity.


Azure, Azure DevOps, SQL Server and Microsoft Data Platform products are the main focus of my time. This turned out especially useful as the job finished earlier than expected at 3am and the off-shore team could begin their work immediately. When I created my Azure SQL Server with Terraform, I set the Azure Admin to be a SPN as you can see in the image from the portal and set it to have an identity using the documentation for azurerm_mssql_server. Database Administrators may work as a member of the IT Operations Team, the Application Support Team, or part of the Software Development Team, depending on their company.

  • Discover programs you’re interested in and take charge of your education.
  • On average, they earn $91,283 per annum, with a range varying between $69,000 and $121,000.
  • Migrating database instances to new hardware and new versions of software from on premise to cloud based databases and vice versa.
  • If you want to be the administrator who ensures zero data loss, high performance throughput, low latency and tight security strategies, this is the right place for you.
  • Most organizations require a four-year college degree in an IT field.

The best part of it is that he is in the US unlike others who say they are when they arent. I took my first DBA training with another instructor that i finally realized was based in India and the streaming was horrible, everything was a fiasco. I bought the ondemand courses and he offered excellent support whenever I contacted him.

SQL Developer and SQL DBA Training Master’s Program

It would be better to use Azure Key Vault to store the details for the SPN so that it safely stored in the cloud and not on my machine and also so that anyone that has permissions to the vault can use it. So now, you can assign an Azure Active Directory Group to that Role and allow less-privileged users to add the identity to this group . The documentation what is sql dba is here and there is a tutorial here explaining the steps you need to take. Following on from my posts about using Secret Management Good bye Import-CliXml and running programmes as a different user, I have another use case. I have tried my best at all times to follow this advice in the last decade and pretty much I am happy that I have managed it.

Failsafe Options where failure of any database can be easily repaired through failover clustering, database mirroring, and log shipping. Ensuring the sustenance of databases through the configuration of restoring protocols – data selection, frequency, and solution testing. The built-in modules are not published anywhere and are platform specific, it’s hard for an application that host powershell to ship them along. My last post had a lot of information about the new .NET PowerShell notebooks including installation instructions.

This course is highly recommended for those who would like to upgrade their careers. You will get hands-on experience in SQL subqueries in real time. This includes IN or NOT in, ANY or ALL, EXISTS or NOT EXISTS and more. Creating database programmability objects by using T-SQL, implementing error handling and transactions, implementing transaction control in conjunction with error handling in stored procedures, and implementing data types and NULL.

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